Friday, March 21, 2014

The Overflogged Memory

Okay, okay, so maybe the music/dates quiz was a little over the top. But I'm surprised there weren't any music junkies or even out and out cheaters who'd use the internet to come up with the right answers. Here they come. 

 May 10th.                  The Night They Drove Old Dixie           
                                  Down--The Band.

July 4th.                    Saturday in the Park--Chicago  

December 23rd.        I Wanna Roo You--Van Morrison

September 3rd.         Papa Was a Rolling Stone--Temptations

June 3rd.                  Ode to Billy Jo--Bobby Gentry

July 4th.                    Born on the Bayou--Credence 

April 4th.                   Pride (In the Name of Love)--U-2

June 6th.                  Convoy--CW McCall

September 21st.       September--Earth, Wind and Fire

September 1963.       Run Baby Run--Cheryl Crow 

December 1963.        Oh, What a Night--Four Seasons

December 3rd.           Sweet Baby James--James Taylor

Christmas Day.           Levon--Elton John                 


  1. I could not even come close to getting any of these. Sadly, I'm familiar with almost all the songs. I guess my brain processes song dates as arbitrary rhyme tools ..unfortunatly, that's how my brain process birthdays and anniversaries as well. Historically, this has not worked out well for me.

  2. I probably had a small advantage, spending most of my life spinning 45 rpm records, 33 1/3 albums and tape cartridges of music and getting paid for it. (Even then, I had a nose for successful scams) But, in the interest of honesty, I had to admit researching some of these before posting the quiz.